Moving a home or office requires packing. However, it’s one step where everyone seems to experience trouble and stress. While a moving service can ease off this burden, here are three things to do when trying to make packing easier.

Declutter First

Packing can be an overwhelming chore when there’s a lot of stuff to pack. Therefore, the first step to take when trying to make this task easier for yourself is to declutter. Sometimes we don’t go over the things we’re packing. As a result, we continue to face trouble with no room for essentials that need to be packed.

Decluttering and going through all the things before packing them is an excellent way of saving space and expediting the packing process. You can always discard or donate the things you no longer need and focus on only packing the things that matter the most.

Label ALL the Boxes

Another excellent way to make packing and unpacking easier is by labeling all the packing boxes. People often forget to label boxes according to the categories of the things stored inside them. As a result, they experience significant trouble during the unpacking process because of their inability to remember what’s inside the box.


Therefore, it’s good to have a sharpie close to you when packing boxes so that you can instantly label them before loading them onto the moving trucks.

Consider Professional Packing Services

Despite following the above-mentioned steps, it can become almost impossible to pack before moving, especially when it comes to packing a massive home or office. It’s always a better idea to rely on professional packing services during this time.


Professional packers have the training and experience to speed up the packing process, ensuring the least amount of delays for your residential or commercial move.