If you’re in the process of relocating or planning to soon, you must’ve scrolled many websites on the internet offering hassle-free moving tips and tricks. However, it’s very difficult to find accurate and effective information online. The entire moving process is overwhelming as it is.

And the stress increases if you don’t prepare in advance. Hiring a moving company is only a step of the process. The next thing is to get ready for the moving team’s arrival. This is when many homeowners mess up.

One of the most common issues movers face is their client’s lack of preparation. That’s exactly why the experts at the Texans Movers LLC have compiled this list of all the things you must do before movers arrive at your home.

Clean and Organize

The first thing to do before your moving company comes to pick up your stuff is clean and organize. The time before a move is your best opportunity to sort out all possessions, clean them, and strategically pack them into boxes.

Carton boxes for moving

Moreover, you should unplug all the electrical appliances and remove batteries from devices and gadgets. Move on to emptying all the drawers and dusting off the grime and dust settled on the things you haven’t used in a while. Get rid of as much clutter as you can.

If you have any fuel-powered equipment, don’t forget to empty its tank.

List Down Movable and Unmovable Things

Albeit you have hired the services of a Texan moving company, talk