Whether you’re a newbie or an expert at moving, there’s always something new to make the process extra safe and hassle-free. Saving money, ensuring damage-free belongings, and hiring the right moving services are some of the most common moving headaches.

On top of this, the stress of packing, moving, and unpacking fragile items can add to the anxiety. This is why you should take some time to learn expert tips and tricks before getting started with the move. In addition, always rely on experienced movers such as the Texans Movers LLC to avoid moving mishaps.

This article contains effective tips that’ll help you secure the integrity of fragile and expensive belongings.

Use Smaller Boxes

The heavier your fragile items, the better it is to pack them in a smaller box. This way, it will have lesser room to move around. As a result, the product will not be prone to collisions and damage.

However, if you have a bigger box, fill up the empty spaces with polythene or Styrofoam.

Use the Right Type of Packaging Material

Choosing poor quality, inappropriate moving boxes, tapes, and filling material to pack fragile items is a recipe for disaster. Always rely on standard, thick, cardboard boxes or sturdy PVC boxes to securely pack devices, cutlery, and other fragile items. Make sure to line the bottom with soft packing material.

Some of the best fillers include foam peanuts and bubble wraps. But if you don’t have these fancy packing materials, you can use towels and cushions for extra support.

Divide Spaces for Glass Items

To pack glass drinkware and stemware, get your hands on cardboard box dividers. You can also cut up pieces of old cardboard boxes to make DIY dividers. These dividers prevent fragile cutlery from colliding with each other and shattering.

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