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Here are some tips for moving refrigerators and appliances provided by Texans Movers, a full service moving company servicing Alvin, TX and surrounding areas:

  • Empty and clean the refrigerator and freezer. This will make it lighter and easier to move, and will also prevent spills or leaks during transportation.
  • Disconnect the refrigerator and unplug it. This will prevent any damage to the electrical cord or the appliance itself.
  • Secure the doors of the refrigerator and freezer with tape or rope to prevent them from opening during the move.
  • Use furniture dollies or appliance dollies to move the refrigerator and other appliances. This will make it easier to navigate through doorways and tight spaces.
  • Be sure to properly secure all appliances and refrigerators in the moving truck to prevent them from shifting or falling during transport.
  • Do not forget to check and disconnect the water and ice maker line if the appliance has one.
  • Consider hiring a professional moving company with experience in moving appliances and refrigerators to ensure that they are properly handled and transported to your new home.
  • Lastly, re-installation of all the appliances and making sure they are properly level and plugged in once they have been moved.

Benefits of Hiring a Refrigerator and Appliance Moving Company

If you are planning to move to a new home, you might want to hire a refrigerator and appliance moving company. There are many benefits to having someone do this for you. Here are just a few.

Measure your appliances

Before you hire a refrigerator & appliance moving company, it’s important to take accurate measurements. If you don’t measure, you might end up with appliances that don’t fit in your new home. This can be a stressful time. You don’t want to end up with a refrigerator or appliance that’s damaged.

When measuring your appliances, you will need to measure the height, width, and depth of each appliance. Once you’ve gathered all the information, you can check the owner’s manual for moving instructions. Alternatively, you can search online for directions. However, it’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer for recommendations.

It’s also a good idea to enlist help when moving large appliances. A dolly can help you lift and move large appliances safely. While you’re moving, you can also prepare the area around the appliances. Cleaning and removing clutter can prevent damage and make the move easier. Make sure to clean floors and remove water lines before you move your appliances.

Another thing to consider when moving is how much clearance space you have. You should always leave enough room for the refrigerator to open and close. Similarly, you should measure the doors and drawers of the refrigerator to ensure they fit properly. In addition, be sure to leave an inch or two on all sides for ventilation.

Depending on the type of appliance you’re moving, you might need to disconnect its power and gas lines. Some moving companies will do this for you, but it’s a good idea to check with them first.

Also, make sure to check your real estate agreements before you move into your new home. Typically, you should have the option to have the refrigerator & appliance moving company take care of these hefty tasks.

Finally, it’s a good idea to check that your appliances are properly wrapped. It’s a good idea to use blankets and stretch wrap to protect the appliances. This will prevent them from flying open and causing damage. Remember, it’s best to move appliances into a new home before they are completely broken in. This can prevent the problem of not being able to re-assemble them in your new home.

Protect your appliances from tangles

The best way to protect your appliances from tangles when hiring a refrigerator and appliance moving company is to prepare in advance. Before the big move, it’s a good idea to get rid of old batteries, clean up loose cords and remove appliances from their respective locations. This will also help you to avoid a big mess when the time comes. Aside from that, it’s a good idea to measure and consider your new space and ensure that all your appliances are in tip-top shape.

You should also take the opportunity to wrap up your prized possessions in a moving blanket. This is a wise idea because this will make it much easier to transport your items, especially if they’re heavy. As far as the tangles go, a good way to prevent them is to have a dolly or wheeled cart ready to move your large appliances around. Alternatively, you could use a pallet to safely transport your appliances.

While you’re at it, you may want to purchase some moving supplies. For example, you could purchase a moving dolly, some plastic garbage bags and some tape. You should also consider hiring a professional moving company if you’re moving from a smaller home to a larger one. Moving can be stressful and if you don’t have a plan of attack, you might be in for a nasty surprise. Luckily, Shleppers is a moving company with the experience and resources to make your big move as painless as possible. Plus, they’re always available to assist you with any questions you might have along the way.

Avoid a situation where the appliance’s doors fly open while you are moving

If you are about to embark on the moving process, it’s best to have a solid plan of attack. Among other things, you need to make sure your refrigerator is properly packed and secured before you move it. This will ensure that you don’t damage it or worse yet, ruin the interior of your home.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources on the internet to help you do this. A simple Google search will reveal a plethora of tips, tricks, and checklists. These may vary by location, but you should be able to find something that suits your needs. You can even hire a professional to handle the heavy lifting.

Moving your fridge may not be for the faint of heart, but it’s possible to do it safely. There are a number of options for doing so, from a dolly to a sturdy box. The latter option is particularly useful because it allows you to slide underneath the edge of the fridge without getting it stuck in the process. Taking the time to wrap it in a few layers of plastic stretch wrap will help prevent the inevitable breakage. Also, be sure to close the doors of your fridge before you move it.

Cost of hiring a refrigerator and appliance moving company

Moving heavy appliances such as refrigerators can be a tricky task. The weight of these appliances can cause injury and damage to floors and walls. Having a professional move your refrigerator and appliances is important to avoid these accidents.

A full-service moving company like Allied Van Lines can help with your appliance and refrigerator move. They can help with disassembly, re-assembly, packing, and unloading.

If you hire a professional, you will not have to worry about making repairs or having to deal with additional charges. In addition, you will be able to trust that your movers have the proper equipment to make the job go smoothly.

Some moving companies charge by the hour. Others will charge by the weight. You should choose a moving service that has a simple plan for the move. Also, be sure to ask about special items you have. For instance, if you have a fridge with an ice maker, it may require an extra water line.

Professional movers will come with all the necessary equipment to get your appliance and refrigerator moved. This can be a valuable asset if you want to save time and money.

Depending on the size and weight of your refrigerator, you may be able to move it yourself. Although this option will save you money in labor, you could end up having to pay for the additional time it takes to get the appliance into your new home.

Hiring a moving company to move your refrigerator and appliances is a good idea if you are planning on changing the layout of your kitchen. You may also need to have your appliance repaired before you move. An appliance repair specialist will charge an average of $500 for refrigerant replacement.

Before you choose a moving service, you should investigate whether the company is certified by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). The USDOT identifying number can be used to verify the company’s registration. Choosing a moving company that is registered with the FMCSA will ensure that your move is carried out safely and without any hidden fees.

It is also a good idea to research the value of your major appliances. If they are not in working condition, you should hire a professional to replace them.