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Texans Movers LLC started with a focus on being Urban Movers, which meant taking on lots of city jobs with difficult access. Over the last 10 years we’ve learned a few tricks and have used this knowledge to create our unique apartment moves training program. You can be confident our trained experts have the dexterity to maneuver tight passageways and the fitness to climb stairs all day. We also have the team work to co-ordinate your lift move efficiently. We can even provide balcony lifts when those awkward pieces of furniture just won’t fit up the stairs. In short, we’ll ensure your move goes off without a hitch! Apartment moves throw up unique variables so its important that you have experienced removal advisors you can trust. Our office advisors know what to ask, to get the right information to head off those common mini-disasters that can turn into catastrophes. We even keep tabs on which city apartment buildings have good and bad.

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First negotiate an automatic carpark door, then a long winding walks up 2 levels through an underground carpark, then load the lift for access to higher floors. Parking can also be at a premium. Move in in and out procedures and times are strictly monitored by management and all paper work and insurance documentation must be prepared prior to the move.

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Depending on where your apartment is you may find the additional complication of having to move your items, into one lift (to/from the loading bay) and then transfer them to a second residential lift. This can take some added time, but, you can be confident that Texans Movers LLC have plenty of experience ensuring Eureka Sabine County,
moves run smoothly and on time.

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Not only are we great at doing moves from one apartment to the other but we’re fantastic for downsizers. Working with so many property stylists our team gains an insight into how to place furniture to maximize space and the instinct to know what will and won’t work in a smaller space. While we aren’t interior designers, we don’t mind the odd question about where the furniture should go.

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Think about a shuttle vehicle. Some highrise buildings will require items to be moved into the lift from a first or second floor. This typically means a very long walk through an underground carpark to or from the moving vehicle. A low roof van or ute, can be great option to ferry your belongings safely and speedily from truck to lift, which again will save time and money.

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Book your lift times. Many Building Managers have restrictions on the day and time you can move. Lifts are usually designated for 2 to 4 hour windows. We recommend booking your spot well ahead of time. Imagine the frustration and added cost of arriving at your bright new apartment, to have your fully loaded moving truck, barred from entry!

Always speak to your building manager. To avoid unwanted surprises with apartment moves, ask about any particular move in/move out procedures. Make sure you pass this information onto your movers. Lock and Pad. If possible, ask your Building Manager to lock your lift off for exclusive use and pad the walls and floors. This will save time and ensure you’re not paying movers to wait for a vacant lift to become available.