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When it is time to move, it becomes clear just how many items a family has accumulated over the years. When faced with a big move, families are often overwhelmed with the task of packing all of these items. Packing services can be very helpful for a family by taking care of the tedious work while their clients only have to look forward to the adventures awaiting them in their new home. Packing and unpacking services come in a variety of forms, from the packing mover simply providing the supplies for a self-pack, to the company packing only certain items, to the company undertaking the entire packing and unpacking processes. A family can choose their ideal plan based on their specific needs. But if they decide to pack their belongings themselves and buy only the boxes and packing materials from a moving service, they should be aware of some very common (but avoidable) mistakes.

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Some people work better if they are crunched for time, but when a family is moving, they should take as much time as possible to plan, organize, and pack their belongings. A truck will likely only be available for a short window on moving day, and a family still finishing up their packing that morning would be a nightmare scenario for everyone involved in the process. They should make sure that all belongings are properly sorted into boxes and containers that are sensibly packed (not stuffed to the point of potentially damaging the box and the items inside). These boxes should also be properly labeled, so a family doesn’t spend hours sifting through them searching for specific items.

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The above guidelines are even more essential when considering long-distance moves, when household items will be travelling in a truck overnight, or possibly for days. When packing for a long-distance move, a family should make sure that they take essentials like toiletries, medications and clothes with them so that they have what they need to be comfortable on the way to their new home. Also, perishable food, plants, small animals, or fireworks do not belong in the hot, enclosed space of the moving truck, so considerations need to be made for these items.

Many times when moving, there are specialty items in the home that require special custom packing be fabricated for that specific piece. Not all movers are able to do that. Whether it be a pool table, grandfather clock or a sculpture, we build custom packing to make sure your valuables move safely to their new home. If you have special items, Texans Movers LLC should be your first choice.

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While many choose to take care of most of the details themselves, there are many benefits to hiring a full service moving company for the entire process. Professional movers and packers know how to handle each item with the utmost care. Sometimes this requires custom crating, to ensure that large, valuable items (such as grandfather clocks, safes, pianos and pool tables) do not get damaged during transit. Professionals also have specialized equipment for moving a range of items, ensuring that the household items are loaded safely and efficiently.

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Hiring a full service moving company for packing and unpacking can actually save a family money in the long run, as they know how to pack items properly to avoid damage. Many moving companies also offer insurance packages, which adds some much needed peace of mind. Additionally, if unforeseeable circumstances cause a family to arrive at their new home later than their scheduled date, a company may be able to store the belongings in a secure facility. With reputable professionals, a family can be sure that their belongings are in safe and capable hands.

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When a family reaches their new destination, a moving company can also help them unpack their bel