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Since our foundation, Texans Movers LLC has been Bell County, TX’s leader in B2B moving services – that is why we are the trusted residential and corporate moving company! Texans Movers LLC has moved multiple floors of CBD buildings (sometimes completing large B2B relocations overnight) using Texans Movers LLC’s hourly rate system. We have had numerous customers’ comment how dramatically lower the B2B move was in cost to the fixed PRICEs they were quoted from other relocation companies.

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Texans Movers LLC has revolutionised “local, short distance, direct door to door moving”. We were the first to develop the hourly rate system, where you pay only for what you use, while allowing you the total freedom to help as much as you want. Yes – you can control the costs! Before we came along, the only option, other than breaking your back to do it all yourself, was an expensive, old fashioned , fixed PRICE company.

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Experience a unique removals system that gives you the best value whether you’re moving just up the road or even across town. We are the perfect balance between hiring a truck and using a traditional moving company. We simply send a proper moving truck your way with two great removalists and guarantee their workmanship. We deliver a hassle-free move with professional B2B movers using a cost-efficient system where you can control the PRICE.

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Texans Movers LLC is Bell County, TX’s leading B2B moving specialists! Our flexible hourly rate system is perfect for short distance moves, allowing you to help out to reduce your cost or simply supervise for a relaxing, hassle-free move. Our award-winning training system produces professional removalists who take a great deal of pride in their work. We also provide a full range of packing materials including the specially designed Texans Movers LLC Boxes, which are the perfect tool to protect your items and reduce the time that your move takes, translating directly into savings for you. And we’ll even buy them back! Our system is often cheaper, and always easier, than hiring a truck. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you move or get your instant online rate here right now!

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If you are moving just up the road or even across town Texans Movers LLC is the solution for you. Our unique removals system is perfect balance between hiring a truck and using a traditional moving company. We are your expert short distance, door-to-door, same day movers, operating in Bell County, TX. Our hourly rate system is flexible to suit your needs as we let you help as little or as much as you want. So you control the costs! In fact, we’ve found it frequently works out cheaper and easier than hiring a truck. All our rates come with a written No-Damage Guarantee that if we damage it, we will fix it.

All our professional B2B movers are highly-trained, qualified employees. We hire and train our own people and only send movers who are committed to customer satisfaction and top-quality moving service. Plus, we also have a written No-Damage Guarantee that if we damage anything, we will fix it.

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It all comes back to only paying for what you use. Our unique system, as outlined in “moving a short distance” is ideal for the Moving Office also. However, there are some additional aspects that need to be considered when relocating an office. Larger office removals, in particular, can become very disorganised. The key to an EASY, HASSLE-FREE office move is to fully understand what each (you & Texans Movers LLC) is going to do and then work together. Check out our helpful office moving hints as they will save you both time and money.