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So you’ve picked out your new or used office furniture to replace your old office furniture. But now you have a new question on your hands—what to do with all that old office furniture? Removing it yourself can be exhausting, time-consuming work — work that you simply don’t have time for! Fortunately, the furniture moving experts at Texans Movers LLC have you covered. With our dedication to serving our customers from the beginning of the office refurnishing to the end — Texans Movers LLC will dispose of your office cubicles, desks, chairs, tables, and more. And, depending on the condition of your office furniture, we’ll even pay you to take it off your hands! Texans Movers LLC now provides furniture moving services for both residential and commercial moving needs. Your representative will be your start-to-finish guide through the transport and logistics process.

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How long has your current office furniture been in your office? Are you sure you even have the right tools to disassemble your cubicles or desks to get them out of your office? If you’ve been using the same office furniture for a long enough period of time, the answer is probably no! That’s why you should rely on the experienced furniture removal experts at Texans Movers LLC.

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Our experts will schedule a time that works best for you and your business’s schedule and remove the furniture efficiently while minding and protecting the parts of your office that are staying put. Along with office furniture disposal and removal, Texans Movers LLC will deliver your new office furniture to your office space. If you’ve ordered office furniture from Texans Movers LLC, we can remove your old furniture and bring your new furniture to speed the redesign of your office.

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Assembling office furniture is a pain. So why waste your time doing tedious tasks when you have a business to run? Fortunately, Texans Movers LLC is here for you. We offer office furniture assembly services to get your office looking great without having to worry about looking for the right sized screw. We have experienced office space designers on hand who can help you create a beautiful space. Don’t like your current office space? Want to optimize the traffic flow or just redesign where certain departments sit, Texans Movers LLC has you covered.

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We have proudly served customers from federal government agencies, small businesses as well as individuals who seeking home office solutions. We know exceeding our customers’ expectations is one of the reasons they keep coming back to us and have allowed us to grow over the years—that’s why your satisfaction is so important to us. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we will make every effort to regain your confidence. That’s our guarantee.

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Our experts take all the precautionary measures to ensure safety of your possesions. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands as we offer fully insured services. So, we are covered for any kind of accidental damage caused to the furniture. Don’t worry about doing the heavy lifting, disassembly, or assembly. Texans Movers LLC offers office furniture services from beginning to end. To learn more, contact us today!

At Texans Movers LLC, our priorities are simple: delivering quality furniture moving service at an affordable rate. From local relocations to full-service cross-country moves, we offer expert support that protects your business’s bottom line.