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Antiques are special to galleries, retailers and private owners for many reasons. They are either rare, valuable, historical or they hold a special sentimental place in your life. We are often asked how we handle, pack and wrap these incredibly important items. The simple answer…we apply Texans Movers LLC. Antiques need to be shipped and handled differently in one piece moving. Regardless of whether their worth is resale value or sentimental, your antiques will always receive our highest level of special care and attention with our expert one piece moving team.

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First, we identify your antique’s sensitivity to being handled. Our consultation services will determine the appropriate method of handling, packing and casing (if needed) as well as best method for forwarding the item to its final destination. We coordinate with the destination handlers to maintain shipping consistency and ensure our high standards of care and attention are upheld.

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When moving and shipping glassware, Premiere offers specialized crates with protective coverings and polystyrene blow chips to ensure the glassware is safe and secure. To avoid tarnishing of precious metals, we utilize acid free tissue that is safe for long-term exposure and protection. These are just a few of the extra things we do to protect the antique items that are so valuable to you.

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For maximum protection, galleries, auction houses, private owners and museum curators can take advantage of our safe and secure storage vaults. Protected by stringent security, your antiques are safe and you are ensured privacy.

One-piece Movers provides a safe and quick transportation of your belongings. With our experience and team of dedicated movers at your service, we can relocate your items, parcels and goods easily throughout Bon Wier, TX with our one-piece moving services.

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Our professionals meet with you to discuss your one-piece moving needs, taking into consideration any special request. Note that delicate and fragile objects are bubble wrapped and handled with care. Call us!

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Our one-piece movers are a team of experienced and professional residential movers. We provide complete moving services, including packing and delivery, to meet your expectations. Be it the packing of furniture and home appliances or the delivery and unpacking, we offer a full-range of moving services. We can also handle the unloading and assembly of your furniture. Give us a call!

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