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Whether moving within the same campus/office or to a new location, Texans Movers LLC is your one-stop service provider for efficient, cost-effective B2B moves. Texans Movers LLC specializes in comprehensive advance planning and providing attention to the details that keep your project on time and on budget while minimizing downtime. That’s why we’ve gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable and trusted B2B movers in Brazoria, TX.

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Planning a B2B move is an art. Your project can get complicated quickly due to many factors, some of which are out of your control. Rated as one of the most reliable B2B movers in Brazoria, TX, Texans Movers LLC delivers meticulous project management that anticipates and plans for potential obstacles. To begin, it’s vital to choose the best time to relocate your business. There are several factors to consider.

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Especially when you have requisitioned new furniture, fixture, and equipment, your project timeline should allow for lags due to unavoidable shipping or inventory issues. Plus, especially with office furniture reconfiguration projects, you should allow for the potential need for replacement parts or components. Does your B2B move depend on completion of new construction or a facility renovation? Determining your relocation schedule should account for unexpected delays. No one likes them but they do occur.

Texans Movers LLC’s proven planning process and trusted, reliable B2B moving services ensures your relocation is accomplished seamlessly and with minimal impact on business. Connect with Texans Movers LLC today about our B2B moving programs and to learn more about our full-service project management plans.

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Coordinating with involved external and internal parties is vital. Are you working with a commercial real estate agent, architect or interior designer? B2B team members, such as your office, operations, and facilities manager, should be consulted in terms of workload and operational impacts.

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Advise customers and partners – Giving advance notice about your B2B move — and reminders as you get closer — is not only courteous, it also provides an opportunity for positive public relations. Plus, you can coordinate your announcements to clients or the public with the distribution of email, mailers and promotional items (imprinted pens, calendars, etc.) to announce your new address and promote excitement about your new facilities.

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Consider the commercial cycle for your type of business. For example, most retail operations, it is best to avoid the year-end holiday shopping season. The hospitality industry should avoid summer and spring breaks. Businesses in general typically prefer to work around fiscal year-end or the start and finish of major projects. A related factor, the day of the week, is relevant too. A Saturday or Sunday might be best for a corporate campus, while a mid-week day is often best for retail operations who conduct a lot of weekend business.

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