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If you can’t fit all of your belongings into your new home or office then Texans Movers LLC can offer storage solutions at competitive PRICEs. We have relationships with several storage companies and can arrange a storage unit to fit your needs for either short or long term storage.

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We can move the items into the storage unit when you move out, and bring them back when you are ready to use them again. We often arrange short term storage for people who have sold a house and need to move out before they gain possession of their new home. They often need storage for only a few weeks. We also arrange long term storage for customers who are downsizing their home and simply haven’t got space to store all of their belongings in their new home.

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Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you do!
Moving house on its own doesn’t seem that scary in the numbers, but when you look more closely, lots of other things could be happening at the same time, like changes in schools for the kids, change in living conditions, changes in your mortgage or loans, or weekly rental costs, changes in your sporting, church or social activities (if you moved far enough), and lots of other factors.

At Texans Movers LLC, we reckon all of these things add up to a whole lot of stress for you and your partner, and probably your kids as well. Getting us to help make your house move go smoothly is really worth it. We can even help you with some great preparation tips that can ease the stress both before and after the house move too.

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Ask staff to take any sentimental or personal items home prior to the move.
If you are packing boxes yourselves, make sure they are well labelled so they can be easily found and unpacked at the other end. A little bit of planning prior to putting things in boxes makes a world of difference at the other end. Also make sure packing boxes are sturdy. We can quote to supply boxes and pack them.

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For health and safety reasons it is best to leave the heavy moving to us. Have as few of your staff as possible in the office while we are moving. Ensure you or your movers have all the building access required at both buildings. Including access to all lifts and stairRosharon
. If your lift can be locked please make sure we have a key.

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Make sure all appropriate alarms will be deactivated in both buildings during the period of the move.
Ensure other tenants and/or the building manager have been notified of potential disruption on the date of your office move.
Check your insurance. While most insurance covers items up to a certain value if damaged, it can be best to insure high value items individually for the move.
Make sure any business critical data is backed up prior to shifting servers.
Review and dispose of unneeded items prior to the move. Especially if your new office is smaller.

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