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Gun Safes and some home Security Safes are Large, Heavy, and Treacherous to Move. Without a special equipment or a safe moving expert know how utilized in the movement of a large heavy safe, injury or at the worst death to the inexperienced safe movers could be the result. Consider that you have just sold your home and have moved all belongings out but a large Gun Safe. The Safe you thought you could move with friends and some brute strength has become a monster that fought every step, and you’ve taken some heavy damage: wood floors dented or gouged, carpet torn, thresholds scarred, and holes put in walls. The damage is now holding up your closing, till a settlement is negotiated. This Nightmare Scenario does not have to happen to you. Call our safe moving services! We know what we are doing when moving heavy difficult items. That monster of a Safe will be taken out of your home so smoothly that you’ll wonder why you ever worried about moving it.

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If you’re a responsible, legal gun owner, then you know how important it is to safely move your guns to a new property. The law in the state you live in might require additional focus as well. However, there are a few common points that every move should include. As experts at Texans Movers LLC, we know how to carefully and legally transport weapons and other non-allowable items. This checklist will get you pointed in the right direction, however. The size of your gun does matter. It also matters where you are relocating to. Gun safes are the best way to move your guns, but even those can be difficult to move. Small safes can be transported by you, but larger gun safes weighing in excess of 1,000 pounds or more require the assistance of a qualified mover. Determine if your gun safe would be better off moved by a professional team of movers.

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Another important point is insurance. For some weapons and moves, transporting your guns requires more heavy duty insurance. Weapons fall under different insurance coverage, so before you move, be sure to double check any insurance policy you have to cover your guns. This ensures if something were to happen you are not held liable. Additionally, this gives you a bit more peace of mind knowing that if something happens during the move you are taken care of. Before you move, make sure all your gun registration and licenses are ready for inspection. Moving companies require proof of these documents before they move your guns. Authorities as well may want to see this documentation if you are preparing for a cross-country or state move.

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Prior to your moving day, double check that all your weapons, pistols, rifles etc., are fully unloaded and removed from your safe. You also need to remove ammunition from the safe itself. Ammunition and weapons must be transported separately for safety and to meet gun law requirements. Movers cannot transport ammunition because it is considered a combustible material. If you have a sizeable gun collection, we highly advise you to hire a professional moving company. There are countless tips online that claim to help you move your guns safely. However, some of the suggestions are dangerous or don’t apply in all situations. Use your best judgement and hire a moving company to move your weapons.

With some information, we can offer a free moving quote over the phone, text or by email. However, in certain circumstances it may be better if we visit and see what you have to move. In this event, our expert estimators will look at all the rooms and items you are moving to give you a better derived estimate.

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Money Safes for business or home will provide enough security to allow the holding of large amounts of money until time is found to bring it to the bank. This is used mainly by businesses to reduce the amount of times they need to run to the bank- yet make them difficult to be easily carried away by a robber. Home Safes are secured locations to place expensive items in such as jewelry, coin collection, stamp collection and many other ty