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There are a ton of things to coordinate during a move. One of those might be, where to store your items. There are many different reasons someone would need storage. You may need to clear out items while your house is being staged, you’re in the process of remodeling your home or maybe your new home isn’t quite ready, but you have to be out of your old home. Here at Texans Movers LLC, we offer both short-term storage and long-term storage. Meaning, we can store your items for a short amount of time, like a couple days, or as long as you need. Whatever the reason is, Texans Movers LLC can move and store your items.
We store your furniture and belongings in our clean, alarmed and secure 26,000-square-foot warehouse in Buna, TX.

Texans Movers LLC: Storage Movers in Buna

Buna, TX based Texans Movers LLC can provide you with a safe and clean storage space, whether it’s short-term storage or long-term storage.
We will keep your possessions safe and secure in our local storage facility. Our Buna, TX warehouse storage areas are:
Climate-controlled environments
Safe, clean and secure warehouse
Alarmed and monitored with video surveillance
Kept to our A+ standards of cleanliness

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When you store your valuables with us, you can trust your items will be in safe hands. Our storage warehouse is maintained with the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.
Climate control plays a big part in choosing the best storage facility because of how temperatures fluctuate in the Buna, TX. You don’t want your precious valuables wasting away in storage. That is why our warehouse storage facility is climate-controlled, protecting your belongings from the warmest Buna, TX weather.

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Our expert moving and storage professionals simplify the storage process by minimizing the amount of work needed. With traditional self storage, you should visit several facilities to find the one that meets your needs. It can be difficult to tell if they are truly secure and rodent free.

Our storage facility is located in Buna, TX. Texans Movers LLC offers storage services for both households and commercial businesses, so we can store anything from living room furniture to office supplies. Our storage facility is indoors and secure so you can have peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe with us. Additionally, you will not have to worry about your items being damaged along the way.

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With Texans Movers LLCone stop shopping we will pick up your items and bring them to our clean, secure and alarmed storage warehouse for safe keeping until you want them delivered to their final destination.
The following is a breakdown of our storage services:
Choose what you want to store with us.
A crew will arrive to pick up your possessions.
An inventory is done, listing all the items we pick up and their condition.
Furniture is disassembled as needed and blanket-wrapped.
Items are brought to our fully-alarmed, secure and clean storage facility.
Items are then loaded into storage vaults (big wooden crates) – furniture stays blanket-wrapped.
Monthly storage charges are based on space used (how many vaults you need).
When you want to pick up your possessions. You make one phone call to our office and we will schedule a day and time to deliver your items to wherever you want them to go. This can be local, long distance or even international.

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Our professional moving crew will disassemble and reassemble your furniture as well as wrap and pack your items with care. We ensure when your belongings arrive at your desired location, they will be in the same condition in which you left them. We understand the hassle of moving, so we try to do everything in our power to ensure your move is as easy and as seamless as it can be.