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Labor Moves are our bread and butter. Labor movers are performed at hourly rates based on the number of men required for the job, whether it be loading your own rented truck or pod, or moves within the same building. Texans Movers LLC labor moving services is here to help.

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Don’t worry about the hourly pricing for the number of men, it has all been worked out to come out about the same but get a larger job done quicker. Basically, if I feel a job will take 2 men longer than 6 hours to complete, I’m going to make it a 3-man job. If I think it will take 3 men longer than 6 hours or so to get it done, we’ll do 4. Two truck moves are almost always 4 or more men.

Texans Movers LLC are Chester, TX based labor movers servicing Chester, TX Moving services and needs.

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People who are about to move and get several quotes tend to choose us because we are usually the middle number, not the cheapest, and not the most expensive, but because we have the best reviews of any Chester, TX-based moving company out of all of them!

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Once you hire us, you’ll quickly see why you made the right choice. Even though we have the capacity to perform a few local and long distance moves each day, you’re ALWAYS going to get the owner on the phone. We’re capable but not enormous. There are never any holds, delays, or problems in getting answers or changes to the logistics of your move.

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We’re going to treat every item in your home as if it’s an heirloom that your great-grandfather built with his two hands, and the moving of your belongings will be the last thing you’ll need to worry about with all the stress that goes along with relocating, or closing times and issues. Our family will be your family and nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction and approval!

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We can do just your move, or all of your packing to professionally insured specifications, and even clean your home top to bottom for the next tenants or owners. A clean certification receipt goes a long way to getting a full deposit back or satisfying a closing agreement!