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Recently the service of things storage has become incredibly popular. During moving, repairing an apartment or office, for a long business trip or renting an apartment – using the storage services will greatly simplify your life.

Texans Movers LLC: Storage Movers in College Station

College Station, TX moving and storage company
Company “Texans Movers LLC” is a professional in the field of storage and movement of property. We provide our customers with the possibility of long-term or temporary storage of things of any size and value in College Station, TX. Responsible storage of furniture and personal belongings when moving is the convenient service for those who have a long business trip, renting an apartment, repairing office or apartment.

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We also provide students with the College Station, TX student storage for keeping their stuff during summer. We can pick up items in the apartment or dorm and deliver everything back at the end of the summer before classes start. Our warehouses are equipped with modern security systems, they maintain the optimum level of humidity and temperature. They are ideal for long-term placement of office equipment, archival documents, personal items, soft and cabinet furniture.

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Texans Movers LLC is a full-service storage moving company serving the Greater College Station, TX Area. We have been performing professional Moving Service for All types of moving – Residential and Commercial, Interstate. We as well provide full packing and unpacking services along with Pod, rental truck or container loading & unloading.

We know that moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. We want to make sure that you will get stress-free experience with us and we will help you with all your needs for moving.

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Did you ever think about the green moving? If you can think is the moving industry you can think is an industrial waste. Did you ever think about when you moved every time how many boxes are you have left from the move and most of the people, they just throw them away and buy the next bundle of boxes for your next move? Bubble wrap and the shrink-wrap are so many plastics that are not recyclable at all. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid moving but we can reduce the waste that comes with it. As a College Station, TX moving company, we always try to offset the impact we of moving.

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That’s why our company offers not only regular moving but also eco-friendly moving. We will use plastic boxes instead of regular boxes to illuminate the waste. We also offer a reusable plastic crate rental program. What our program includes we will bring plastic crates 2 weeks before the move so you can pack all your miscellaneous stuff into them. Once you moved inside your new home within a few weeks we will pick them up and deliver at our storage facility. Because when you moving locally or on a long-distance, you will probably be going to buy moving boxes anyway and then discard them after the first move. Most of the people will not keep the old them in boxes they just throw them away or recycle.
Texans Movers LLC Moving company offer
• Recyclable Materials
• Plastic Crate Rentals
Our hourly rates include all other charges:
• Labor & Equipment
• Floor Protection
• Wrapped Furniture
• Tolls
• Taxes
• No Additional Fees
• Fuel Charge
• Safe Delivery
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