Best Refrigerator & Appliance Moving Companies in Crockett

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Benefits of Hiring a Refrigerator and Appliance Moving Company

Moving your appliances is a big deal. Not only are they expensive, but you also don’t want to have to buy them at the new place.

Fortunately, professional movers have the equipment and experience necessary to relocate your appliances safely and efficiently. They’ll bring dollies, furniture straps and padded moving blankets to protect your appliances from damage.


If you’re preparing to move, it’s important to think about all the expenses associated with moving. From packing supplies to hiring a moving crew, there are many costs that can add up during the process. Adding in large appliances like refrigerators and washers and dryers can increase your moving budget even more.

Unless you are highly experienced in appliance moving, it’s best to hire a professional. These companies can handle everything from the actual packing to disassembly and setup of the items. They also offer liability insurance, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be insured throughout the entire relocation process.

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a Refrigerator & Appliance moving company is that they will handle all the heavy lifting and transportation of your appliances. Trying to do this yourself can lead to physical injuries and damage to your belongings, so it’s best to leave these tasks to the professionals.

When you hire a Refrigerator & Appliance moving company, they will come to your home equipped with dollies, furniture straps and sliders to move your appliances safely. They’ll also wrap the appliances in padded blankets to protect knobs and delicate surfaces from scratches or damage.

In addition, they will take care of disconnecting and reconnecting all the hoses, vents and cables that your appliances have. This will save you time, money and stress during the relocation process.

As part of their services, the movers will also take out any removable parts from your appliances and pack them separately in order to prevent them from getting lost or damaged during the transport. The appliance movers can then carefully load and unload the appliances into the truck.

Another benefit of hiring a Refrigerator & Appliance moving Company is that they can help you prepare for your move before the big day. This will ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

If you are planning a long distance move, it’s especially important to prep your appliances before the moving crew arrives. This will allow them to arrive at your new home without any issues and ready for use. While they are in transit, it’s crucial to dry them out as much as possible. Moisture can lead to mold growth and other health risks.


Moving large appliances, like refrigerators and washing machines, can be a time-consuming task. It is best to hire a Refrigerator & Appliance moving company for this task because these companies have years of experience in this field and are well equipped to handle such large items.

In addition to the time-saving benefit of hiring a Refrigerator & Appliance moving company, these professionals are also skilled at minimizing damage to these types of appliances during transit. This is important because these items are expensive and can easily become damaged or broken if moved improperly.

A Refrigerator & Appliance moving company will provide you with all of the tools and equipment needed to ensure that your appliances make it safely to their destination. This includes dollies, movers, and plenty of packing materials to protect your appliances during transit.

To prep your fridge for the move, it is essential to empty it of any food and other contents. This will prevent any liquids from spilling on other contents in the shipment and causing damage. It is also recommended that you use a commercial dehumidifier to dry out the inside of the fridge, as this can help eliminate any moisture that may accumulate in the appliance during transit.

When the appliance is ready for transport, it should be wrapped in stretch wrap to keep it safe from any possible accidents during transit. This will also help protect the appliance from any scratches and bumps that may occur during the journey.

Once the refrigerator is wrapped, it should be loaded on a dolly. If you do not own a dolly, this can be rented at a tool rental store for an average rate of $10 to $20 per day.

The dolly should have a wide, steep deck and a wrap-around strap to make it easier for you to tip and move the appliance down carpeted stairs. You should also surround it with furniture or other items to ensure that it stays stable as you roll the dolly down the steps.

You should be careful when moving your appliance on the dolly, as you don’t want to tip it over or lay it fully on its side during transit. This can cause a number of different chemicals and fluids to shift around, which can lead to a significant amount of damage.


Whether you are moving across the country or just around the corner, your refrigerator, washer and dryer must be safely transferred to your new home. Unlike furniture and other large pieces, these appliances are highly complex and contain many parts that could get damaged if you try to move them on your own.

It is always best to hire professionals to do this task for you. They will know how to properly load, transport and unload your fridge and other appliances with utmost care. They also have the proper equipment for this purpose.

Before moving your fridge, it’s important to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and defrosted. This will prevent any damage from occurring. To do this, you should remove all food, ice and liquids from the fridge and allow it to dry completely. Then, it is essential to unplug the fridge for a minimum of 24 hours before moving day. This will give the fridge time to defrost and dry out, so it will not leak in transit.

Once the fridge is dry, it’s time to put it onto an appliance dolly. It is very important to tilt the refrigerator slightly so that it can slide on the dolly easily and without any damage to its internal components. Once it is on the dolly, use the appropriate straps to secure it in place and tighten them down.

Another step is to secure the doors and drawers of the fridge. These are vulnerable to opening during the move, which can cause damage and lead to spills or puddles of water on the floor. You can wrap the exterior of your fridge in moving blankets to protect it from scratches and dings during the move.

A fridge is one of the largest items in your home, so it’s vital to ensure that it is properly prepared for the move. To ensure this, you should start by unplugging the fridge and removing any contents from the refrigerator.

Next, you should clean the inside of the refrigerator with a mixture of baking soda and water. This will help to neutralize any odors that may build up, as well as prevent mold and mildew from growing in the refrigerator.

Avoid Damage

A refrigerator is a big, heavy appliance that can damage other appliances and the floors in your home if it’s not moved carefully. Hiring a Refrigerator & Appliance moving company can ensure that your fridge is moved without damage or injury.

To prepare your refrigerator for a move, unplug it and disconnect the electricity and water if it has an ice maker. This will also help prevent mold from developing in the interior. Then, remove all the food items from your refrigerator.

Once your refrigerator is fully disconnected, wrap it in a thick blanket or cushioning to protect it from scratches and dings during the trip. Then, secure the doors to keep them from slamming open during transport.

In addition, it is best to place furniture sliders underneath your fridge. These allow your refrigerator to be placed on an appliance dolly without putting it on the floor, which can cause damage to the flooring.

Finally, be sure to pack your refrigerator properly. This includes ensuring that all power cords and lines are coiled and securing them with packing tape. You may also want to remove any removable parts from your refrigerator and secure them separately.

Another way to avoid damage is to make sure that your fridge doesn’t get too hot while it’s in the truck. This can cause it to break and create additional damage to other items in the vehicle.

A refrigerator can weigh up to 350 pounds, so it is a good idea to hire two people to move the fridge. This can be very stressful for one person, especially if they aren’t experienced in moving big appliances.

It’s also important to pack your refrigerator in an upright position, which can prevent oil from leaking into the cooling tubes and causing more damage. It’s also a good idea to wrap the exterior of your refrigerator in a thick blanket or cushioning so it doesn’t scratch other objects during transport.

Once your refrigerator is safely transported, make sure to plug it in and let it defrost for a couple of hours before you use it. This will help prevent mold and fungus from growing in the interior and exterior of your refrigerator.