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Moving your business can be time consuming. Texans Movers LLC provides complete relocation services for all areas of commercial moving. Whether you’re moving your office, library or IT center across the hall or across town, Texans Movers LLC will ensure that your move is handled quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, minimizing your downtime.

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As a business relocation experts, we take the pressure off by professionally coordinating and executing every aspect of your office move and let you run your business free of stress. From all the years of providing moving services in Deweyville, TX, Texans Movers LLC has come to know office buildings in the area and the requirements of building managers. In addition to serving our commercial and government clients’ office moving needs, we understand that office buildings have other tenants and also special design features that need to be respected and protected.

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Texans Movers LLC has a complete inventory of professional moving equipment, from four-wheel dollies, special steel dollies, library carts, spider cranes and building protection supplies such as masonite floor protection, plastic carpet film for stairs and 4′ foam wall protection. We incorporate these items with our strict policy of doing things the right way. We load all items on dollies or carts and keep them there for the entire trip. Steel dollies with straps are used for your heavy filing cabinets and bookcases, allowing you access right up to moving day. Electronics and cubicles are handled specially.

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Texans Movers LLC’s professional furniture installation staff can assist with all your furniture needs. Our installers will take the time to make sure that modular furniture is properly leveled after installation. Our services include:
Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture for an Office to Office Move
Modular Desks/Furniture
Conference Tables
Reconfiguration of Cubicles for an Internal Office Move
Wall Mounting Services
White Boards

Texans Movers LLC is a moving company staffed by skilled professionals whose goals are to improve the quality of our clients’ operations. We are aware of the difficulties facing today’s organizations and are committed to providing innovative solutions to these challenges. Through the design and implementation of policies, processes and systems in conjunction with our network of professional contacts, Texans Movers LLC is able to increase efficiency and effectiveness for our clients, which has positioned us as a leader in customer satisfaction.

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Moving computer equipment is a part of any office move these days, and Texans Movers LLC utilizes a disciplined approach when relocating sensitive, valuable IT equipment and electronics for your organization. Our office moving specialists will use protective anti-static bags for computer Hungerford
s and monitors and zip lock bags for keyboards and peripherals. They will then carefully bubble wrap each individual piece of equipment, such as fax machines, copiers, printers, etc. and place items into rolling corrugated and/or plastic bins that are specially designed to accommodate IT moves. Blankets will be used on top of bins for added protection. The bins will be rolled to our trucks and unloaded at the desired location, then unpacked in their tagged destination. You can rest assured your computer and IT equipment will reach its destination safely and securely.

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Texans Movers LLC was established when we realized there was a need for intelligent relocation systems with strong leadership. Bearing this in mind, we have built a system-based management and operation style, combined with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to consistently offer the highest level of customer service under any conditions.
With many years of service experience, Texans Movers LLC is well versed in every aspect of the moving and storage industry, including residential, commercial, government and electronic relocations.
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