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Residential Movers in Dime Box, TX
Residential moving is, perhaps, the most popular form of moving that we assist with. Residential moving is available to those that are moving from one home to another, whether it’s to an apartment, house, condo, or even a townhouse. We help clients and their belongings make it safely to a new location with ease. We know that trying to remove your belongings from one place and secure them in another can be tiring, but without them the new place doesn’t feel like home. We want you to feel as much at home as possible in your new abode. Our residential service area includes and beyond in Dime Box, TX.

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For those that have lived in their homes for many years and have accumulated large amounts of furniture or belongings, we assist with moving your stuff so that you don’t have to. Home and apartment moving can often take a few days to complete as you’re packing away several years of memories only to relocate them elsewhere.

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We recommend our clients to label their boxes and containers when packing so that we know what items are more fragile than others and can ensure safe transportation along the way. So, you’re in the process of moving your home but you haven’t made it to packing up the garage yet? If that’s the case, don’t worry!

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We can also provide moving boxes, tools, and resources to help dismantle items in your garage and clear it out quicker. Often times, appliances are located in the garage and need to be moved or taken apart, as well as heaters or machinery unique to the home-owner who is also relocating. Other items can include air conditioners, refrigerators, or other units you are planning on taking with you to your new home.

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Furniture transporting is done with your furniture that cannot usually be moved by one person. These items can include beds, dressers, mirrors, paintings, sofas, dining room tables, TVs, and more. Transporting your furniture is done by removing the items with two or more team members from your home and into our moving truck and safely placed inside with padding and covers to keep the items protected during the trip.

We take these extra steps to ensure such items are kept safe because we know their importance to you and the level of quality you expect when enlisting us to perform your residential moving services. As mentioned previously, if you’re moving from your home or downsizing to a smaller location, you might find that you have some items that you want to keep but can’t necessarily take with you on your move.

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If you have leftover items that you are not ready to get rid of but aren’t taking with you either, you can easily store them in a storage facility. We help transport your items to a storage facility within the area that you have already chosen and unlocked for us. We then load your items into the facility and secure it once completed.