LED TVs, gaming consoles, washing machines, and sound systems are some of the most fairly common electronic gadgets these days. However, residents often struggle when it comes to packing and handling these electronic items when relocating.

Whether you’re planning an office, house, apartment, or college dorm move, the thought of particular belongings getting damaged during the move must’ve crossed your mind at least once. You must be particularly worried about the safe transportation of fragile electronic products.

Today, most electronic gadgets have plastic bodies. Therefore, you need to take extra care when packing them.

Here are all the tips to safeguard your electronic devices during a move.

Tip #1: Get Adequate Packing Supplies

The right type of packing supplies plays an integral part during a move. You can certainly not pack all your electronic items in one box and get them loaded onto a truck. For properly securing electronic possessions, you’ll need:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Newspaper for extra wrapping support
  • Twist ties
  • Strong packing tape such as duct tape
  • Markers for labeling
  • Sturdy moving boxes in different sizes

Tip #2 Don’t Misplace Manufacturer’s Boxes

When moving electronic items, you should keep all the original stuff, such as manufacturer’s boxes, manuals, and supporting auxiliary tools intact. For long-distance moves, it’s best to first pack the devices in their original boxes and then wrap them in additional layers.

For older devices and equipment, take extra care of corners, internal hardware, wiring, and screen surfaces.

Tip #3 Unplug All the Devices Beforehand

Unplugging all the devices at least 24 hours before packing allows them enough time to cool down before getting bubble-wrapped. Electronic products generate heat during operations, and wrapping uncooled products can compromise their structural integrity.

Not following this tip can lead your devices to damage due to static electricity shocks during the move.

Tip #4 Remove Batteries

Regardless of their size and shape, batteries must be removed from electronic devices before packing. This not only preserves a battery’s useful life but also protects the device from damage. Lithium batteries can leak acid if not used for an extended period.

Moreover, don’t forget to remove carbon batteries from electronic equipment. These batteries react to alkaline substances and release hydrogen gas within the device’s cavity.

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