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Safe moving are heavy, awkward, and any damage to them will compromise your security. Installing and/or moving safes requires special equipment and expertise to prevent damages to property and to the safe itself. You can save your stress and your back by letting us take care of the full delivery, installation, or relocation. Once you decide on your safe, the rest is smooth-sailing, right? The moving and installation of your unit will affect the security that it provides you. Make sure you get it right by relying on our expert services.

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Commercial safes offer unique challenges. They’re typically large and heavy, they’re very difficult to move, and there are special considerations for locating them. You’ll want to take advantage of our delivery and moving services to eliminate the hassle. We’ll visit your site, help you choose a location, and install most units within an hour. You can rest assured that your safe is properly installed with us.

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If you’ve decided to purchase a wall safe for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider: location of wall studs, electrical wiring, the depth of the safe… We’ve got it down to a science- after all, we’ve installed hundreds of safes in homes and businesses across Franklin, TX.

If you’re rearranging office space and you have a safe that’s suddenly in your way, you know that moving it is no easy task. We safe move both large and small, without damaging walls, floors, or the safe itself. Plus, we’ll advise you on choosing a new location.

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When we first unlocked our doors, we provided basic locksmith services in and around Milton. Since then, Texans Movers LLC has grown to become a leading security solution provider to homes, businesses and commercial enterprises throughout Franklin, TX.

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The average safe can weigh anywhere from 300 lbs to 2,000 lbs, making it quite a feat to even move the safe within your own home. Rather than try to move it alone or permanently arranging your furniture around the safe, leave this dangerous job to the professional safe movers.

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At Texans Movers LLC, we have the expertise, tools, and manpower to lift any size safe with ease. No matter how many stairs, narrow hallways, and other obstacles are in the home, you can trust the safe movers crew at Texans Movers LLC’s to find a way.