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Texans Movers LLC provide senior relocation movers and solutions for you from the very beginning stages of addressing the sometimes-overwhelming process of deciding what items you can or would like to take to your new home, to how you will declutter, reorganize and disperse of un-needed items through the downsizing process and all in a way that is peaceful and harmonious for you and your entire family. Most Moving companies are specialists in moving on from you. Texans Movers LLC is the exact opposite.

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We enter the relocation phase at varying times, but we are often hired in the initial phase as “The Team” to Relocate and move a Senior from their current residence where they’ve spent 30/40/50 years, into Independent Living at a Senior Community and then, at some point in the future we are often rehired to re-join you on your journey for additional transfers into Enhanced/Assisted Living, Memory Care and beyond. Each phase requiring thoughtful attention to needs that change.

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There are countless Moving Companies that provide a couple of movers in sweat pants, jeans and with blankets. What Texans Movers LLC offers in a fully uniformed way, is a learned art and skilled trade. We are Certified, Insured, Licensed and Background Checked by thousands of Senior clients and countless Senior Communities. Texans Movers LLC offer a Full Menu of Services all directly related to one another and designed only for our Senior Clients who we have the deepest affinity for.

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Our philosophy here at Texans Movers LLC and as care providers is that a Senior Citizen has worked their entire life positively contributing to the fabric of our society and at a time of perhaps their greatest need, we believe there are a select few in our industry to properly care for and guide them through their time of need. We assist you and your family during your time of need and we do so with all our services being offered by Texans Movers LLC Only. We do Not subcontract our work and pass you on to others. We are one, with you and for you from beginning to end.

As always, we want to ensure that you feel Safe, Respected and Valued when interacting with our Team. We believe this is one more reason to Hire the Trusted Name and Company that is Synonymous with Seniors in Need. Texans Movers LLC!

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There are many Moving Companies to choose from in Hungerford, TX. However, there are very few that only service Seniors like our Company does. There are even less that take every step to provide the necessary Security for YOU the valued Senior client as well as your personal items and care for you the way we will from the very first moment you come into contact with us, all the way through the end of our service and beyond.

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As an added measure of Protection and Security for our Senior Clients, every Team Member of Texans Movers LLC will at all times be wearing an Identification Badge with our Company Name, Logo, Security Hologram and it will have a photo of them on it. This includes our Moving & Packing Specialists as well as our Team of Estimate Consultants visiting you in your home for the first time. Texans Movers LLC Badge will be worn or clipped in a very visible location for you to view. You are also more than San Felipe
to ask any team member to remove their badge and hand it to you for closer inspection.