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Whether you’re moving to a new location or just shifting furniture between offices, the more time you spend moving, the less time you spend doing what matters. It’s a smart choice to allow a team that has the appropriate tools and equipment help you make a smooth transition in the least amount of time.

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Texans Movers LLC goal is to move your business as efficiently as possible to get you back to work and reduce any operational delays.
Texans Movers LLC has the training and the real on the job experience moving;
• Retail Stores
• Medical Offices and Clinics
• Classrooms
• Administrative Offices
• Restaurants

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Commercial Office Moves
For a small business, every single day counts. Whether it’s a home based business, an office, or a location with less than 5 offices, our plan is to move everything safely and efficiently within the same day to avoid wasted time. First impressions count for your office and we always do our best to protect your furniture, floors, and entry ways to avoid any scratches or damages.

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Large Commercial Moves
We give you full control of the moving process; we just need you to tell us what you need and to give us your timeline. We will create a plan to meet your deadlines, moving offices by order of priority and making sure that you get everything you need exactly where you need it just so IT can come and plug in. The best part is you don’t need to worry if we need to adjust plans along the way due to construction delays or other issues.
Packing Your Business
Imagine your team being inefficient for a week because they have been packing and getting ready for the move. It’s not worth it. Get our professional team to come in and pack everything the day before your move.

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Our team uses moving crates to pack your business when moving locally. These crates allow savings on supplies, efficiency when packing, and avoid clutter when unpacking. Each office is packed, labeled, and placed in the correct office to avoid the wasted time or searching for your box.

On Site Assistance
Making updates to your office space is important, things like carpet, wall paint, or new furniture makes a dramatic change to any office. Our team can help you with your on-site moves. We use only non-marring equipment to ensure that your new floors or walls can’t tell we where there. This service is perfect for:
• Office expansions
• Moving offices between floors
• Cross-building moves
• Office redesign
• Moving office furniture for carpet installation
• Workstation and cubicle moving and assembly
Why Hire Texans Movers LLC When I Can Allocate The Labor?
The reasons are simple, but a lot of small business owners ask the same thing. The most important reasons are:
• Liability what happens if your employee drops a tv while carrying it? What if something fell while loading it into their car?
• Tools Our teams have non-marring equipment like dollies, carts, door covers, floor protectors, and tons of shrink wrap. This will allow us to do move you without damages to your furniture or facility.
• Downtime Can you business do with distracted employees for a week? Thats what tends to happen when they are responsible to pack and move on top of their regular duties. Do they know how to pack?
• Injury Our movers are trained and have the physical agility to do the heavy lifting. What happens when your employees throw out their back? or worse, trip while carrying something and hurt your customer?
• Money unless you’re in the delivery business, chances are you have to rent a truck and all the equipment for your team to move themselves. In the end, how much is this move going to cost your business if you put your employees at risk.
We have helped many businesses move in Lexington, TX area. Large business customers rely on our teams and tend to call us back again and again for internal moves. Don’t take chances on a moving crew that is inexperienced and doesn’t understand the importance of getting you back in business.