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Managing Internal Office Moves in Rockdale, TX
Famous last words: “Hey, we’re just moving floors. How hard can that be?”

Texans Movers LLC: Internal Movers in Rockdale

Moving from one side of your building to another can be as challenging as moving across the state.
Whether you’re expanding into new office space, or just relocating to another floor, Texans Movers LLC of Rockdale, TX will make the move seamless. All your staff needs to move is their coffee cups!

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We can help you with:
• Office expansion
• Relocation between floors
• Cross-building relocation
• Office suite redesign
• Moving office furniture for carpet installation
• Workstation and cubicle receiving, relocation and installation

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Commercial Internal Moving Projects
Our clients often think of commercial moves as a complete relocation which means moving an entire office from one location to another.
While we do these kinds of moves frequently, most companies only move their entire office once every 5-8 years (or longer).

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What happens much more frequently is that companies restructure and reconfigure their internal office space. They upgrade their office furniture, they move offices between floors, they go from closed cubicles to ‘open space’.
Making changes to existing office space is generally less expensive than making a move to a new location.

Our Movers are Also Furniture Installers

This is an important distinction to make. Not only do we move everything within your office space, but we also handle all of the work related to setting up your office furniture.
This is especially important when it comes to the setup, assembly and installation of modular furniture – workstations, cubicles, wall panels and desks. Most internal office moving projects require office furniture installation, including:
• Setting up workstations and cubicles
• Assembling and installing wall panels and wall partitions
• Putting together desks, chairs and tables
• Installing office shelving and filing systems
• Hanging wall art, dry erase boards, TVs and more
Main Reasons for Internal Office Moves?
• Expanding workforce, or downsizing
• Upgrading or purchasing new furniture
• Carpet cleaning or installing new carpet in your office space
• Redesigning your office space
• Employees or departments moving to a new area
• Expansion into another part of the building
• Painting of offices
• Delivery of new furniture or equipment

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Is your Rockdale, TX area business moving – or redesigning the office?
It happens every day here in the greater Rockdale, TX area – companies move things around their office.
And quite often, those “things” are heavy things like desks, conference table or file cabinets or they are assembled pieces like cubicles, partitions and storage pieces.
Many of our clients call us when they don’t want to worry about scratching walls or ruining carpet.
And the certainly don’t want to run the risk of injuring themselves of their employees. No one wants a strained back or smashed toe while moving office furniture around!
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Rockdale Internal Movers
Rockdale Internal Movers
Rockdale Internal Movers