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Having your belongings in a box and that box in a moving vehicle can be stressful. This is the one thing residential moving companies need to understand to change customer experience around. You may think we are in moving business, but we think we are in stress release industry. Residential moving is stressful and we know it, therefore, we approach it differently. Although we help with moving homes, we try to do it in a way which is smooth and comfortable for you.

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The best move can turn into a nightmare if you don’t know what you are paying for it. We want you to experience a plain sailing straightforward move, we believe that simple and transparent pricing is the key to that. All our costs are stated upfront and there are no hidden costs. We believe that customers should pay what they were told they were going to pay. You can read more about our pricing in our pricing section.

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Unlike office moves, domestic moves are not strictly conducted in business hours. You may need to move on a Sunday or in the evening; we understand and appreciate that. Just ask us and we will try our best to work around it. In case of purchases where keys are exchanged the same day, you can never tell when you would get the keys, we may have to clear the first property and wait before we can get into the next one. You don’t have to apologize or worry about us, we know how it works and we will be happy to wait allowing you to get on with the more important things.

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Even if you have not opted for our Pack n Wrap service, on the day, you may still need help with just one or two awkward items; the beds won’t normally come out without dismantling them. If you need a hand with dismantling anything please feel free to ask and we will be there to help. Similarly, you may not have the energy to assemble the bed on your arrival at the new property. Just ask the guys and the bed will be all ready for you.* These services are not automatically included in fixed quote.

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Moving from a top floor tenement flat without a lift can be very different from moving into a detached house. You can be moving from a Castle, tenement flat, modern apartment, two-storey semi-detached, bungalow, three-storey mansion or even into storage – you name it and we have been there. Different stair levels, floor surfaces, narrow passages and even weather conditions effect the way a move should be conducted. Our experience with different properties equips us to assist you better.

Whether you’re relocating within Shepherd, TX or moving miles away to another part of the country, our residential moving services are capable of handling all your moving needs. Our moving company offers a variety of moving services that can be customized based on your specific requirements.

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Moving heavy objects, climbing stairs and smiling don’t seem to always go together unless its Texans Movers LLC staff. Porters’ job is a very hard one and maintaining a good sense of humor and professional attitude is an acquired skill which comes with practice. We only use porters who love the physical exercise aspect and enjoy a good workout. We work hard to get our recipe right, please consult our testimonial page to see what our customers have to say about our moving service. To book your residential moves please provide us your details using our enquiry form. Our booking process is described in our How to Book section.
Don’t forget to see our moving tips for moving a house. Happy moving!
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