An enterprise may choose to relocate to move closer to its customers, to expand into newer territory, or simply because they’ve outgrown their current space. However, two of the most popular reasons post the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic are: (1) more employees (approximately 6 out of 10 in America) prefer to continue working from home permanently, allowing offices to downsize, and (2) to encourage employees to come into the office by refurbishing the workplace and the amenities it offers. But since the world isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows, some businesses are forced to downgrade due to financial instability, for which they must also consider relocating to a smaller area.

Whatever your reason, here’s a comprehensive office moving checklist for a smooth move:

1. What’s Your Game Plan?

Ideally, you should plan the office move six to 12 months before the moving date if you wish to stay organized throughout the project.

Start by reviewing your lease for the newfound space to ensure you’re not missing out on any important details. As for your current space, send an official letter to the landlord about when you’ll be handing over the property back to them.

2. What’s Your Motivation to Head into the Office?

It’s recommended that you get a floor plan for the new office to assign workspaces as early as possible. But before you start moving, head to the office to check for safety hazards or any other elements (such as equipment, power sources, servers, and cabling) that may be a disruption in the workflow post moving. Assign a special team to spruce up the interiors as per the preferred workflow of your organization. Consider the need for common areas, workstations, desks, and how you’d like to divide the different departments within the building.

Meanwhile, you can begin changing your official address on various forums.

3. Pull Up Your Socks

Next, assign a task crew or moving coordinator to monitor the relocation operation as per the tasks identified. This is crucial if you’re hoping for your current employees to lend a hand with the packing and unpacking; you could also try putting a deadline on every task to keep everyone participating in the move motivated.

From day one, you’ll want to keep track of all costs related to the office relocation project. Create a moving budget that considers (1) the moving insurance that covers the cost of any lost or damaged items and (2) the full-service mover for packing, moving, and unpacking furniture and equipment.

Professional movers are trained to handle furniture with care

Why Hire Professional Movers from a Commercial Moving Company?

After you’ve made up your mind to switch places, you’ll also need to hire commercial movers to handle the logistics of relocation while you face the operational challenges of your business head-on (i.e., managing the workflow while simultaneously attempting to settle into the new space). Signing up for a commercial moving service guarantees cost efficiency, reduced disruptions in business, ease of moving equipment safely, and lesser hassle for the employees.

4. Get Your Hands Dirty

Small items found at a workstation that employees can pack

With a few weeks or days left to the moving date, you want to start moving. Provide every employee in the office with a box and tape to start putting down their items. Because moving is stressful for one and all, employers need to practice empathy and remain supportive during the

time. It’s also a good idea to assign time to employees for decluttering their lockers and packing away their stations.

In the meantime, you can begin ordering access cards for employees moving with you. Confirm the setup of IT service, phones, the internet, and anything else you’re sure to use from day one.

5. Let’s Get Comfy

Once you’ve moved into your new office with the help of a commercial mover, it’s time to set up your office to start feeling comfortable again. Remove tags from furniture and equipment, designate employees to unpack their boxes, and restock all supply cabinets to get the business up and running once again.

a motivational quote to encourage employees

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