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Piano Movers in Batson, TX
Moving a piano to a new neighborhood or business in Batson, TX is a stressful proposition. If you just need to move a piano – or your upcoming home or apartment move includes transporting a piano — count on Texans Movers LLC. We are a team of professional piano movers in Batson, TX and can make the whole piano moving process easy and pain-free.

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Our standard moving rate is $120 per hour (with a two-hour minimum) for a crew of two movers and a 26-foot moving truck. We move pianos for just $100 extra! This allows you to transport your precious musical instrument without paying an arm and a leg. You may know how to play piano, but that doesn’t mean you know how to move one. Pianos are quite heavy, easily weighing up to 1,000 pounds, and require specialized attention to move without damaging the instrument or the flooring. Our piano movers in Batson, TX have the right training and the right supplies to move a piano safely, so you can enjoy it in your new home. We will keep the instrument secure and your property safe.

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Pianos don’t bend around corners and are very unforgiving if you attempt any sort of move without the proper experience. Additionally, they are full of fragile, finely tuned parts and are not cheap to repair or replace if damaged during a move. The bottom line is this: if you value your piano, don’t attempt to move it yourself! Instead, let Texans Movers LLC. Our Batson, TX piano moving team is adept at moving large, awkward pieces of furniture that require careful attention to detail, especially around corners and through doorways.

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We promise to treat your cherished musical instrument with the utmost care and attention. We understand that your piano is a big investment and we intend to transport it safely from start to finish. For your peace of mind during the piano move, we carry full commercial insurance including actual value replacement.

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The hardworking crew at Texans Movers LLC is comprised of clean-cut, athletic, professionally trained young men. We send full-time workers, not day laborers, to your home for the piano moving job to ensure you receive careful, reliable service. We strive to arrive at your home in a timely manner and deliver quick yet vigilant piano moving services so you can start crossing things off your to-do list.

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In the years we have served the Batson, TX area, our moving company has built a reputation for honesty and reliability. We never try to seek a profit by nickel and diming our customers, or by cutting corners to reduce the quality of our services. In the end, we operate with the belief that maintaining a good reputation and delivering consistent, high-quality service reaps the biggest benefits. If you have any questions or concerns about moving your piano, please contact us online or call us. If you’re ready to schedule your piano movers today, use our online scheduling tool!

For polite, professional and passionate piano movers in Batson, TX trust the job to Texans Movers LLC. We promise to make your upcoming move as painless as possible—both physically and financially—by offering affordable piano moving along with our regular services.

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