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Here at Texans Movers LLC we offer several packing options to fit all of your Palestine, TX moving needs. Whether you want to do all your own packing, or prefer to hand over the packing of your items to our experienced professionals, we can provide you with a “personalized” package that suits you best.

Texans Movers LLC: Packing Movers in Palestine

Our standard packing services include wrapping and padding of all of your standard furniture for its protection during the move. Some of your items may be best packed by yourself, or at least with you giving us a guiding hand. We want to ensure that your most valuable items are packed according to your standards, and no one knows them better than you.

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We offer two packing packages for our customers: basic and deluxe. Here is what each offer to you.

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You’ll get professional packing for all of your TV’s, beds, mirrors, glass top tables, china cabinets, curio cabinets, entertainment centers with glass, grandfather clocks, aquariums, and any other items that need special care. We’ll handle the big stuff and let you get all those personal effects yourself.
If you want those big items packed plus all the small things, then the deluxe packing package is right for you. We’ll even take care of all those specialty items, such as framed paintings, precious China, figurine collections, vases, chandeliers, or any other “specialty” items you wish to protect. The package includes all of the necessary professional packing supplies.

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When you don’t want to deal with packing a single thing yourself, then you want our premium package. This moving package will ensure that everything in your house is packed properly, wrapped if needed, and moved out the door with the least amount of hassled for you as possible.

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At Texans Movers LLC we know that not everyone wants a moving company to handle their most precious items. Here are a few packing tips to help you pack some of those things yourself:
• General Packing Tips: Make a plan for your items and write it out for each room of your house. Always use a lot of paper, clothes, towels, or other cushioning items to provide a safe move. And make sure you label all of your boxes and what’s in them so that unpacking is easy.
• China: If you’ve got china plates you want them safe. Put the plates on paper and wrap each one individually. Make a bundle with these paper-wrapped China plates and use dividers within your boxes so they won’t shift around.
• Glassware: When it comes to those long-stemmed wine and water glasses, use the same approach as with your China. Wrap each of the stems in paper, rolling them up in it. Try to place all of these in a special box or dishware transporter.
• Lamp Shades: Again, paper is your friend when it comes to moving lampshades. Wrap paper around the shade and also stuff the inside with paper. Always handle the shades by the wire frames to minimize damage.

Palestine Packing Movers
Palestine Packing Movers
Palestine Packing Movers