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Moving can be exciting, but let’s face it: Packing Isn’t. We get it. Let our white glove movers get the packing done for you. Packing isn’t just time-consuming, it’s expensive when you have to buy all the materials yourself. Our full packing services include materials and labor, so you don’t have to worry about it. Use our packing service only for the extras you don’t get to, or have us pack it all from start to finish. Our expert packing movers can help you find the packing service that is right for your budget.

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If you’re too busy arranging the other aspects of your move, leave the packing to us. On the day of your move, the friendly professionals at Texans Movers LLC will come to your home, pack your items securely and load them in a moving truck. You only need to worry about transporting yourself and your family to your new home. When you arrive, your boxes will be there and ready for unpacking.

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During the moving process, you might be so busy with the other aspects of the move that you lack the time and energy to pack your items safely. If you fear that you might wait until the last possible minute and pack your items haphazardly, our full packing service is the perfect solution for you. Even if you do have the time to devote to packing your items safely, you may find yourself unprepared for the amount of planning — and the quantity of moving supplies — that packing requires.

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Packing for a move doesn’t just mean that you’ll need to buy boxes and tape. You’ll also need supplies such as foam packing material for oddly shaped items, paper or bubble wrap for glass and china, extra study boxes for heavy items such as books and more. As professional movers, we already have all of the supplies to ensure a successful move. The best part of using our packing service is that, when moving day arrives, you won’t have to lift a finger. You can concentrate on bringing essential items to your car, planning your driving route and making last-minute phone calls — we’ll handle the rest.

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Every home has some items that require a professional touch, either because of their size or their value, such as pianos or large screen televisions. You may have to pack artwork or framed photographs, electronic items such as computers, delicate glassware and more. When you utilize the complete packing services of Texans Movers LLC, you’re working with a company that does far more than simply stacking items in boxes.

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When you hire Texans Movers LLC for complete packing service, we’ll know that your items are packed in the safest possible way because we’ll be the ones doing the packing. Since we can verify that your items have been packed professionally, we can offer moving insurance at a reasonable rate. If something unforeseen happens to an insured item, we’ll pay for it.Even if you do plan to do all your own packing, our trained relocation specialists can still be your go-to resource for packing tips. Keep in touch with us if you have questions about special items and how to pack them for shipping.

One of the drawbacks of packing items yourself is that you may not always know the safest way to pack unusual or fragile items. Even if every other aspect of the move is handled in the best possible way, an item that’s packed improperly is potentially susceptible to damage.