With a professional residential and commercial moving company such as Texans Movers LLC by your side, you don’t have to worry about furniture assembly and disassembly.

However, if you’re thinking of moving your furniture without disassembling it, you need to think twice. A smooth relocation is only possible if you take active precautions and prepare ahead of time. There are several internal and external factors that can cause problems during the moving process.

At Texans Movers LLC, we advise our clients to stay as vigilant as possible when it comes to moving furniture. In this blog, you will learn why furniture disassembling is important before a move.

So let’s jump into the details right away!

Easier Packing

Packing regular items and possessions in carton boxes, moving them, and stacking them at your new space doesn’t sound very tedious, right? But what about the bulky furniture?

The main reason for disassembling your furniture is to make moving more convenient. For example, moving a dresser with an attached mirror can be a hassle. Mirrors are fragile and may get damaged during the move. Hence, you must get a professional moving team onboard that can dismantle and bubble wrap all types of fragile furniture items.

Smoother Transportation

In this section, we’ll particularly talk about DIY furniture. If you have IKEA furniture kits, you should consider disassembling them before the move. Such items don’t travel well and are highly vulnerable to damage.

The best part about DIY furniture is that it’s easier to undo. Remember to keep the manuals safe to ensure a hassle-free post-move assembling.

Texans Movers’ workers busy loading boxes on a truck


Moving bulky furniture can be a problem for people dealing with back issues.

Carrying heavy items during a move can lead to accidents and injuries.

For maximum furniture and personal safety, entrust a moving company’s furniture assembly and disassembly services.

Having professional movers assist you can allow you to focus on other important tasks of the day. They’ll use safe truck ramps, protective packaging, and advanced moving tools for your possessions’ safety.

Why Choose Texans Movers LLC As Your Moving Partner in Texas?

Improve your move’s safety and security by hiring a professional moving company in TX. At Texans Movers LLC, we offer complete residential and commercial moving services that include quick packing and unpacking services.

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